Heartfelt Words from Our Valued Residents

I could not resist sharing this on our corporate blog – we try to foster a great culture of customer service and we LOVE to get really heartfelt feedback from our residents; it’s one of the very rewarding things about being in Property Management. And of course, congrats and thank you to our Fountain Square team for doing the things that make our apartments special:

Good Morning Patti:

Sorry for responding to the Newsletter so late……… I always enjoy your Newsletter and responding to them.

Patti you were missed by me and many of our Fountain Square residents while you were on Vacation, hope you had a wonderful time. Richard took very good care of us, as he always does. He is such a nice person, always willing to do more than required of his job to help our residents. The door entrance and elevators always smell so clean. Thank you Richard for keeping our building —–

I like Home is where the harvest is, so true “great tips”. Thanks Patti, a few of us Seniors did not remember how to respond correctly to an invitation. Seniors as Patti said you should respond to an invitation always, except when it says “Regrets Only” then only respond if you are not going and only take your children if their name is on it.

Ribs are great cooked any style to me, but Hawaiian-Style Ribs are very tasty any time. 1975 History was a time when I was a newly wed, thanks for the memories. It is good to know what is happening in Warren & Waukegan Township the trips are great. I think it would be helpful to have a listing of all the Government Agencies in our area that help Seniors with Thanksgiving & Christmas Baskets as well as any food or free things given to Seniors living in Fountain Square especially the ones that can not drive or get out to get to them on their own.

Patti you are a very good Manager and I am happy you are here at Fountain Square we need you.

Would you forward a copy of this to Richard I do not have his email and to Corporate – I want them to know how much we appreciate you and Richard here at Fountain Square. Again thank you for the Outstanding Newsletter.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon – and it’s always important to remember why we are in property management – to create special places and moments.

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Crisp Autumn Feel in the Air

That Autumn feel is in the air – we see more and more leaves changing every day.

Patti and Richard from The Residences at Fountain Square shared their fall decor – they are getting into the spirit of the season!

Check back for lots of fun Halloween photos that we know the Banner Communities will share. It’s one of our favorite times of the year – BEFORE the snow flies!

Enjoy fall.



LOVE….our Maintenance Professionals

It is Maintenance Appreciation Week at Banner!

Each community will add its own spin, so check back to see how it’s progressing. At Fountain Square Senior Apartments, the residents started the day with a letter to Richard, our Maintenance Supervisor – here is the text. The letter speaks for itself.


We thank you Richard for all of the hard work you put into this building, you help always to make it a wonderful place to live, by your constant everyday work of excellence in keeping it clean and fixing anything necessary at any time of the day or night if needed. You go way beyond your duties as Maintenance Supervisor and for that we thank you.

It makes our life easier and happier living here. You are without a doubt the highest asset to the Banner Company, we hope they appreciate you as much as we the people living in this building appreciate you.

Thank you again, the residents at Fountain Square. 


Our “star” Richard is in the middle!


10-30-2012 3-27-20 PM

Fountain Square Offers Service…and Fun!

The Residences at Fountain Square is Banner’s beautiful affordable Senior Community in Waukegan, IL. Centrally located and very convenient to all the revitalized Fountain Square area offers, our Community Manager Patti and her team continue to offer fun services for our residents.

Here are some recent pictures from Homebound HealthCare’s spa day + Zumba! There is a picture of Richard, our Maintenance Supervisor, getting a chair massage. He works hard…he deserves it!

For more information on this property and Banner Property Management, please visit- http://www.bannerapartments.com/waukegan/fountain-square-senior-apartments-55/.

Our “Green” Efforts Continue….

In March of 2012, Banner Property Management, in partnership with Solar Service Inc., installed one of the largest multi-family housing PV solar arrays in Illinois.  The system is installed on Banner’s Residences at Fountain Square Apartments, located in Waukegan, Illinois.  The system is comprised of 117 Sharp 240 Watt solar modules and three SMA-8000 inverters.  The power from the 28 kilowatt array will generate approximately 31,000 kilowatt hours per year of total electricity  (on average), enough to power 3 to 4 homes.

The PV system is wired directly to Fountain Square’s main electrical distribution center, and delivers power to the offices and all common areas including the recreation room, laundry facilities, and hallway lighting.  Any excess solar electricity will be fed back into the utility grid whenever available, delivering green power to other Illinois customers.  This array provides the local environment with an estimated annual CO2 reduction of 22 tons, the equivalent of planting over 11 acres of trees and eliminating an estimated 130 pounds of Nitric Oxide and 330 pounds of acid-rain forming sulfites each year of its operations.

See more detailed information and live stats on energy production at live.deckmonitoring.com/ .


Grand Opening on May 1st – We Did It!

WAUKEGAN, IL (April 28, 2012) – After a two year search for affordable senior housing in the Lake County area, Ila Brown, a retired military financial accountant, found her “castle” in Waukegan at the Residences of Fountain Square.

“When I come here I feel like the Queen of England. All the building amenities that are at my disposal, the shopping, the great customer service, the security and attention to detail makes me feel like this is my very own castle,” said Brown. “I’m happy here. It’s a blessing.”

As one of the first tenants of the charming affordable independent living apartment complex for mature adults, 55 and older, Brown applauds Banner Property Management LLC for creating this new $18 million six-story development to fulfill the need for affordable senior housing in theLakeCountycommunity.

“My family did not like my previous address, but when a friend referred me to the Residence, I thought it was too good to be true,” said Brown.

The Residences atFountain Squareis a dynamic, 75-unit development conveniently located near shopping, dining and a major highway. With one-and two-bedroom floor plans, each apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen, energy efficient windows and central heat and air. Residents also enjoy a range of bustling common spaces, including a fitness center, community room, business center, patio and garden that are often used for resident socials and activities, organized by building staff.

With 40 percent of the building rented to date, residents are already taking advantage of all The Residences have to offer.

“There’s very much a sense of community and family here,” said Brown. “The apartments are beautiful, the staff is efficient and my family is comfortable with me being here.”

The Residences atFountain Square were completed through creative public-private partnerships with JPMorgan Chase, the Waukegan Housing Authority, the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, and the Illinois Housing Development Authority. The project was partially financed utilizing the federal low-income housing tax credit.

Accommodating communities likeWaukeganwith new affordable housing, Banner continues to realize its mission of providing affordable homes and exceptional service to residents. Banner’s commitment to seniors inWaukeganis a model for businesses and organizations across the country as communities seek to expand quality affordable housing.

Banner Apartments, LLC is a real estate investment management business specializing in the ownership, development, and management of multi-family properties. Banner was founded in 1989 and currently has ownership interests in and manages over 5,890 apartment homes. In addition, the principals of Banner formed a 501(c)(3) corporation for philanthropic reasons which has acquired to date an additional 439 affordable apartments in Illinois and Florida. Banner currently employs over 200 team members in eight states.

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Bingo has Sprung at The Residences at Fountain Square!

The Residences at Fountain Square had a nice turn out to their first resident function. They had a big spring bingo party in their brand new community room!  About 30+ residents and their guests came to play some bingo, have refreshments, and meet their neighbors!  The staff gave away a lot of  great prizes, gift cards, bunnies, plants, and much more!

The Easter Bunny must have also stopped by during the bingo games and left all kinds of eggs for the grandchildren of the residents to collect!

It was a nice day and a great time was had by all!!

The Residences at Fountain Square is a 55+ Affordable Senior Community located in Waukegan, Illinois. They have lovely 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, along with elevators, community room with billiards, fitness center, business center, and much more!    The Residences at Fountain Square is Now Leasing!!