A Regency Arms Tidbit

News flash from Regency Arms in Columbus from Dalena Stone –
I am excited to say that Regency had an awesome time dressing up as the Wizard of Oz and holding our own community Trick-Or-Treat.  It was a great success.  We had several residents calling the following day to ask if we would do this every year.  That tells us they will be signing more leases for years to come.
We are also going to send out a flyer asking if anyone feels there are any residents who live here that could use some Holiday Help. And have them write in about the family and why they feel they could use the help.  The office staff will then pick the lucky family and Regency will go and buy them a full Holiday Dinner.  In addition, we are going to put in our ads if you bring in 4 can goods or perishable items you can receive a free app fee.  For all the donation that we collect in can foods we will turn this over to our selected family as well.
That is our news for Regency!

Shops – all the tips you need!

It’s more important than ever to be at the top of your leasing game!!  When was the last time you reviewed the shops toolbox! 

The Shops Toolbox has tips for EVERY question on the Ellis  Shop Report.  For any points you’ve ever missed, you can simply find that question in the Toolbox Document and get a helpful tip on how to incorporate it into your presentation! 

Everyone was given a copy of the Shops Toolbox when it was rolled out in the Spring of 2008 – give it a look-see.  And if you don’t have one, simply grab someone in our Education Group and get a copy!!

What is Banner?

This blog is all about the good stuff in Property Management at Banner Property Management!

What is Banner?? Banner is a great group of people who make up Banner Property Management, headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois.  We give it our all every day to provide great service to our residents and to offer our team members a great place to work!  At the end of each work day, we feel like we’ve accomplished a lot and had some fun doing it!

We have terrific properties in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Florida!! 

Read our blog and you’ll figure out why it’s great to be at a Banner property (living and working!)…..

Congrats Laura!

We had a great time at Stonewood on Monday – we talked a lot about the importance of keeping Stonewood’s office vibe really friendly and welcoming!  …and we did a lot with closing – but thinking of it as INVITING the prospects to be with us at Stonewood.  It really works!!  See below from Rachel at Stonewood.  And good job, Laura! 
YAY!!  Laura worked really hard with some prospects yesterday and really applied the skills she’s learned especially after our Mon. meeting…  They were in at 11am and she worked with them and asked if they wanted to leave a deposit to hold the apartment, etc.  They left saying they had to look at another apartment that afternoon and would make a decision by Thurs.  Well………they came back in the afternoon and told Laura that she was the nicest person they had worked with and put down their app’s and deposit!  Perfect case of where Laura sold the apartment!!
Good job Laura!