Banner’s 1st ever RAVE awards are in!

Many of us go above and beyond our job responsibilities on a daily basis for the betterment of our organizations.  While recognition would be nice, it’s not why we do it.  Here at Banner, we appreciate the drive and initiative of our employees.  This past quarter opened up our first ever RAVE Awards.  RAVE stands for Recognition Award for Valued Employees.  Banner team members nominated other individuals they felt deserved recognition for their efforts this past quarter.  After the nominations had been submitted, they were voted on by our decision committee.

Our 1st RAVE winners are:

  • Jessica Kraman – Office Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient
    • “Jessica was contacted by a resident who was concerned about elevated lead levels in their child’s blood and was convinced that it was from the apartment.  She did an amazing job of educating the residents, helping them consider other sources of exposure, and calming their fears, all without coaching or prompting from her supervisors. Jessica’s thoughtfulness and poise in handling such a delicate situation should be recognized.  I think most people would have been much more rattled and needed much more guidance than she did.  I would have been impressed if someone who has been a property manager for 20 years had handled the situation the way she did, and the fact that she has only been a property manager for 2.5 years makes it even more impressive.”

– Property Manager, Emerald Pointe Apartments – Illinois –


  • Matthew Layton – Maintenance Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient
    • “Matt is new the to business and in a 4 month period, has excelled in his knowledge to be able to do unit turns without help and without a punch list following. He also accepted on call responsibilities quickly and excelled in those responsibilities and the judgement he uses to complete them. Although he was a little nervous at first, Matt has shown a tremendous ability to communicate with residents and already has Satisfacts surveys that mirror his ability to do a great job, and treat people with respect. He has become an extremely valuable part of the team in a very short amount of time, and I don’t know what we we do without him!”

– Maintenance Technician, Tradition at Stonewater – North Carolina –


  • Sue Hegedus – Corporate Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient
    • “Sue put together a revised list which updated the corporate needs for Nexus. After everything was set up, she trained with Penny and started entering corporate bills in Nexus; something we have been trying to do for a long time. Sue always goes out of her way to accommodate the needs of anyone who she encounters. She has a difficult job making sure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed when it comes to reimbursing corporate entities for property expense and does it with a smile. If anyone saw the monthly company American Express bill and how each expense is accounted for, no words would be necessary! A difficult job that requires patience and organization.”

– Corporate Staff Accountant, Corporate –

Heg q22016.jpg

Great job to all of our nominees and we look forward to next quarter’s results!

An Active Team is a Productive Team

As the traffic slows and our teams can breathe, Bannerfest season is finally upon us.  Our Ohio property, Regency Arms, and various corporate team members participated in numerous outdoor activities for their outing. The day started with a friendly 5 mile canoe race ending with lunch and a relaxing horseback ride.  Check out some of the pictures below.


From the road – Maintenance “Tech”

Penny is on the move, working with our teams to get the maintenance professionals hooked up with new technology –

We are pleased to announce the rollout of the Yardi Maintenance Mobile App and tablets to all Maintenance Teams.  Work orders will be able to be processed and completed on the go in real time using a tablet or smart phone.  For Maintenance Teams this means no more running back to the office throughout the day to pick up more paper work orders.  For Office Teams this means no more completing all those work orders at the end of the day.  We are confident this new process will greatly improve productivity at our Properties and we are excited to get started with the rollout.  We already have a few Maintenance Teams testing out the new process and feedback has been great.  The Maintenance Team of Scott Syrek and Vincent Punda at Autumn Ridge took some time yesterday to provide specific feedback and assist with some final set up items so we would like to thank them for their assistance.

Banner Teams Did It Again!

May and June 2016 shop scores were fantastic…again! Outstanding job to all of the Banner leasing teams for displaying remarkable customer service. We are all so very proud!

Riachi at One21- Plano, Texas: Riachi at One21 received perfect shop scores with a total score of 100% and a benchmark score of 100% on their May 2016 shop!  The shopper said the leasing associate was very friendly, outgoing, and informative…went above and beyond…kept a great flow of conversation…was knowledgeable about location and community…did a great job during the tour…based on the leasing associate’s presentation, I would have leased at Riachi at One21! Wonderful job Riachi Team!

Rosewood Apartments – Round Lake, Illinois: Rosewood Apartment received a total score of 94% and a benchmark score of 100% on their May 2016 shop!  The shopper said the leasing associate was upbeat, friendly, and sincere…was an excellent communicator…was impressed with her professionalism…was excellent at establishing rapport…was a strong closer…did a great job overall…I felt I was in good hands…based on the leasing associate’s presentation, I would have leased at Rosewood!

Tradition at Stonewater – Cary, North Carolina: Tradition at Stonewater received a 94.5% total score and a 100% benchmark score on their June 2016 shop! The shopper said that the leasing professional was very upbeat and energetic…she was very excited about selling me the apartment…made me feel special and excited…offered excellent customer service…had a great sales technique…had wide product knowledge…she was professional and amazing…overall visit was superior…I definitely would have leased at Tradition at Stonewater based on the leasing professional’s presentation!

Stonewood Village Apartments – Madison, Wisconsin: Stonewood Village received a total score of 92% and a benchmark score of 100% on their June 2016 shop! The shopper said the leasing associate was friendly, organized, and upbeat…exhibited a high level of detailed listening…matched my needs to the apartment and community…was likable and established an atmosphere of trust…gave a detailed presentation…was very thorough…tour was exceptional…based on the leasing associate’s presentation, I would have leased at Stonewood Village!

Glen Hills Apartments – Glendale, Wisconsin: Glen Hills received a total score of 92% and a benchmark score of 100% on their June 2016 shop! The shopper said the leasing associate had a pleasant, down to earth personality…seemed very happy to see me…smiled a lot and had a positive attitude…I really enjoyed her company…definitely was a people person…was calm and thorough…very informative…was really good at leading a conversation…yes, I would have leased at Glen Hills based on the leasing associate’s presentation!

Ansley Falls Apartment Homes – Charlotte, North Carolina: Ansley Falls received a total Score of 90% and a benchmark score of 100% on their June 2016 shop!  The shopper said the leasing associate had an enthusiastic attitude…was professional and confident…was a good listener…was sincere about wanting to assist me…was upbeat and thorough with her information…has a warm manner…was a great listener…developed a great rapport…related my needs to the apartment…I would have leased at Ansley Falls based on the leasing associate’s presentation!

Enclave at Winghaven – O’Fallon, Missouri: Enclave at Winghaven received a total score of 92% and a benchmark score of 90% on their May 2016 shop!  The shopper said the leasing associate was amazingly friendly…was charismatic and charming…was knowledgeable and entertaining…showcased the apartment as if I already had it…showed genuine kindness and patience…the visit was refreshing…tour was entertaining and informational…did a fantastic job making be feel comfortable and part of the community…Absolutely, I would have leased at Enclave at Winghaven based on the leasing associate’s presentation!

Whisper Hollow Apartments –Maryland Heights, Missouri: Whisper Hollow received a total score of 90.5% and a benchmark score of 90% on their June 2016 shop! The shopper said that the leasing associate was well versed and knowledgeable…was friendly, professional, and helpful…was attentive and incorporated my responses to my needs…made me feel welcome…was well spoken and concise… gave a superior presentation… based on the leasing associate’s presentation, I would have leased at Whisper Hollow!

August 19 is “Black Cow” Root Beer Float Day – oh yes and Jobs Blast!

Yum!  Anyway you make it, it’s good!

Nowadays, a root beer float means different things to different folks. For some, it’s not a root beer float unless you use plain vanilla ice cream dolloped into your root beer. Others put a little spin on things: plopping some chocolate ice cream into their root beer and calling it a “chocolate cow” or a “brown cow.” Still others insist it’s only a “brown cow” or a “black cow” if you use regular cola and ice cream. Then there’s folks in places such as northeastern Wisconsin, who only call it a “black cow” if the root beer and ice cream are all mixed together, instead of leaving the ice cream floating on top. And would you believe, there’s also a such thing as a “purple cow?” Yup, a “purple cow,” created when you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a mug of purple grape soda.


Please reach out to your networks and help us find our next superstars! ….or step up to your next challenge. We believe in you. 

<Employee Referral is $200 FT, $100 PT>

We do have several openings across the portfolio at our beautiful properties and corporate locations.

*** INTERNAL CANDIDATES  interested in a possible transfer, please utilize the Self Nomination Form in your e-mails!  Speak to your supervisor; we do not want to discourage our team members from pursuing opportunities they find compelling*** 

For those in your network who may be considering a move into Property Management, Links here for more information about the core positions in our industry:   

Leasing Specialists –

Maintenance Professionals  –

Property Managers –

And more info on Banner:

If you are sending this out to friends, professional network, etc., please let folks know that they can find out more about Banner at: 

Corp Site:     **individual property web sites are there; gain familiarity with the character of each property**

Linked In Company Page:

Corporate Blog and Updates:

**More information on Full Circle:


NEW!        MADISON, WISCONSIN – we are looking for a superstar Leasing Professional!  Contact  

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NEW!    CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS – we are looking for a superstar Part-Time Leasing Agent! Contact

LENEXA, KANSAS – we are looking for a Clubhouse Attendant, great part-time job! Contact

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Thanks!  –  Calling all superstars!


Don’t Panic! Summer not over…but Fall into fitness is coming…

Our fitness guru Tina is at it again!  Here we go…..  bit more this time, not only about weight loss, but building good habits through small lifestyle changes.


Coming soon! Fall Fitness Challenge! Sorry summer lovers, but sweaters and pumpkin spice everything is right around the corner and so is our challenge! (September 1st – November 30th.)

NEW THIS YEAR! Each month will have its own challenge and the first two months are open to all employees!

September will be “Step Challenge“! Open to all employees!

Every week in September, we will award a prize with the person with the most steps! You can use your own personal pedometer or Banner will provide a small one for you if need one to participate!

October will be “Healthy Lifestyle Lottery“! Open to all employees!

Each week in October, simply pick from a healthy options list (to be provided) and email me a pick of your healthy lifestyle choice! A random participant will receive a prize each week!

November will be “Fitness all Around You – At Home“! Open only to Fall Fitness Challenge participates!

Each week will feature different small workout items like bands or yoga ball. I will send a short video of how you can utilize each item AND Banner will be giving you these items just for participating!


The challenge itself will be the same $10 buy in and winner of the greatest weight lost percentage will win the pot!

If you would like to participate in the Step Challenge, but need a pedometer to play – please email me by Wednesday, August 24th!

I hope you all are as excited as I am about the new twist for our upcoming Fall Challenge!

Voters’ Choice – Best of Raleigh. The Lincoln takes a top spot!


The Lincoln Apartments in downtown Raleigh, NC was awarded 2nd place in Lifestyle for Apartments in Raleigh!  After thousands of votes, the winners of the 2016 WRAL Out and About Voters’ Choice Awards were announced last Tuesday night.  We are incredibly proud of the work our team does to go above and beyond for the residents of the Lincoln.  You can read more about the selection process and view the other winners on the WRAL website.