Q3 RAVE awards are in!


Read the comments below to see what fellow Banner Employees have said while RAVE-ing about them and their outstanding achievements this past quarter!
  • Patricia Oberlander – Office Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient
    • “Patricia had big shoes to fill when she joined Banner as Property Manager at Westview. After a much-adored long term manager retired, Patricia stepped in to a property with a resident base that was skeptical of anyone but the former manager. She faced immediate opposition but slowly worked to charm residents on each and every interaction. [Patricia is being nominated for] for her extremely successful resident party in September. The Westview residents enjoyed their very first pool party and a renewed loyalty to Westview. Even though she was overwhelmed with training and getting up to speed on her one-person property this summer, Patricia made hosting a resident party a priority. With Westview’s pool party, she changed the residents’ disposition from uneasy and sometimes downright unwelcoming to singing her praises.”


  • David Graves – Maintenance Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient
    • “This quarter David has really proved to me that he is willing to move out of his comfort zone to become a stronger technician, and to prepare himself for advancement opportunities. He has been an extremely strong asset to the team in his daily tasks, and also has taken advantage of an opportunity with the Triangle Apartment Association in their Leadership and Development program. David is the only participant from the service side of our industry that has ever participated, and the only one currently enrolled. When he first joined he was hesitant that he would want to complete the program due to the level of commitment for assignments outside of work and the amount of public speaking that would be involved. He overcame his fears and will be finishing in November with flying colors. The class presenter was very impressed with David and gave him accolades in front of the class and members of the Triangle Apartment Association. David has been with Banner for many years, but I believe in this quarter he has pushed his limits and stepped out of his comfort zone to grow, which is exactly what the RAVE awards are about.”


  • Greg Schwantes – Corporate Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient
    • “Greg came out to Stonewood and got our 3 year landscaping plan started. He created detailed maps and legends, provided great insight, created spreadsheets and continues to work with us on the [capital] project.”
    • “Greg was integral in the much needed revamp and release of our Company’s Metric scoring system. He is a genius at excel and extremely humble in regards to his knowledge base. He worked very early and very late hours teaching himself how to do very complex formulas and data dumps from our exiting reports in Yardi, PopCard, Nexus, etc. His overall Metrics shell was very clean and easy to use. Greg is a very friendly, knowledgeable, and forward thinking employee. He challenges the way that we have always measured success and is a true asset to this Company.”
    • Property Support Specialist, Corporate

We received many other RAVE Award Nominations from this past quarter making this a very difficult decision for our Selection Committee. Please read on to see other RAVE worthy submissions we received about your fellow co-workers and peers!

“[It was] decided this year to extend on the Bannerfest idea and reach out for sponsorship money from our vendor partners to hold three separate events. Kellie was invaluable in assisting the Sunbelt properties with the accounting portion. Kellie is always willing to go above and beyond and as usual did an amazing job! Kellie created and organized a tracking system that she would use with Sue at corporate to keep track of the sponsorship money that was coming in and as it goes out. Kellie was also responsible for collecting all of the checks and making sure they arrived to the corporate office. Kellie’s willingness not only to assist by to help create and implement was a key factor in making this program a success. She was able to collect just under $6,000 that will be used for employee events including an all-Region Holiday Dinner, Maintenance Appreciation Days.”
Kellie Wingold; Property Manager at Tradition at Stonewater – North Carolina
“Jim is reliable and responsible. Jim is a great leader, and it shows. His team of maintenance technicians are all newer to Banner, and he works with them day in and out to help them be as strong as they can be. Jim is a great friend and co-worker. I love his dedication and determination. Jim has been with Banner for 10 years and he has been a great influence for me. Even though we have totally different roles within our company, his willingness to help the residents is encouraging to all of us in the office as well as the maintenance department. He will always go the extra mile to satisfy a resident.”
Jim Lewis; Maintenance Supervisor at Regency Arms – Ohio
“Emily is outgoing and persistent when trying to reach prospects and applicants to fill the affordable housing apartments but in such a way that the prospects just fall in love with her and verbally tell her so. It is heard in the office by both myself and the manager. She really is a superstar in selling the apartments.”
Emily Latham; Leasing Consultant at Autumn Ridge Apartments – Illinois
“The leasing team leased 27 apartments during the month of September with 17 of them being tax credit. They did this with us being continuously down one agent in a very busy office. During this time, they kept PopCard up with sketchy internet services, posted to Weblisters and answered the many phone calls concerning our installation of ATT Fiber. They continued to have a 50% conversion ratio with all the exterior activity going on.”
Baylee Rethman & Richard Dodd; Leasing Consultants at The Meadows – Kansas
“Anne is the only paralegal in the group with three attorneys, so she handles a large volume of deal flow. She foresees potential problems and makes sure work is completed to her high quality work standards. She is often willing to take on tasks that others don’t. She deserves a lifetime achievement award for her work at Banner.”
Anne Rafelson; Senior Paralegal at Corporate

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