Don’t Panic! Summer not over…but Fall into fitness is coming…

Our fitness guru Tina is at it again!  Here we go…..  bit more this time, not only about weight loss, but building good habits through small lifestyle changes.


Coming soon! Fall Fitness Challenge! Sorry summer lovers, but sweaters and pumpkin spice everything is right around the corner and so is our challenge! (September 1st – November 30th.)

NEW THIS YEAR! Each month will have its own challenge and the first two months are open to all employees!

September will be “Step Challenge“! Open to all employees!

Every week in September, we will award a prize with the person with the most steps! You can use your own personal pedometer or Banner will provide a small one for you if need one to participate!

October will be “Healthy Lifestyle Lottery“! Open to all employees!

Each week in October, simply pick from a healthy options list (to be provided) and email me a pick of your healthy lifestyle choice! A random participant will receive a prize each week!

November will be “Fitness all Around You – At Home“! Open only to Fall Fitness Challenge participates!

Each week will feature different small workout items like bands or yoga ball. I will send a short video of how you can utilize each item AND Banner will be giving you these items just for participating!


The challenge itself will be the same $10 buy in and winner of the greatest weight lost percentage will win the pot!

If you would like to participate in the Step Challenge, but need a pedometer to play – please email me by Wednesday, August 24th!

I hope you all are as excited as I am about the new twist for our upcoming Fall Challenge!

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