Summer’s ON! With the Ansley Team!


Summer is on at Ansley Falls in Charlotte! Thanks to Regina for sending in a fun team pic so the whole Banner family can see the Ansley team’s smiling faces.


Denise has been with Banner  2 years.  She will complete her MBA in February in Hospitality and Tourism.

Antjuan has been with Banner for 2 years and at Ansley for 3 years.  He was in the military and is a huge Washington Redskins fan.

Charles ( Jr.)  has been with Banner for 2 years and at Ansley for 4.  He is a Baltimore Ravens fan.  And he is single.

Desmond has been with Ansley since Sept. 2015.  We call him ( the closer).

(Regina) I have been with Banner for a year.  I moved from Raleigh to take over Ansley and love every minute of it.

Nia has been with Banner since April 2016.  She is ex military and moved from Virginia to work with Banner.

Jeff has been with Banner since February 2016.  He has 25 years of experience in the industry.  He is originally from Alaska.

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