New Initiative, New Relationships

We were pleased to soft-launch our peer to peer program this month for our site teams in the offices. Don’t worry Maintenance Service teams, you’re just a few months down the road.

Our goal was to enrich our team members’ feelings about the company by creating a network of associates from different areas of the portfolio who can:

  • Empower one another,
  • Share knowledge ,
  • Act as role models to one another, and
  • Be additional support systems.

We offer a number of support options from a corporate level, but sometimes it is very nice to run things by a peer / team member, someone who is not your supervisor, not only out of respect for supervisor’s time, but also to look at an issue from a different perspective, e.g. “How are you handling this at your property?”, and “I understand the policy, but I wanted to brainstorm how we could insure its success.”

In the spirit of sharing, here are some quotes/feedback we received on the program so far:

“I have already enjoyed getting to talk with my people.  I think it will be very useful and an awesome thing for our company.  I also think it will make everyone feel like a more cohesive Banner team.  I definitely feel that I will pick up the phone and call one of my peers if ever I needed an opinion, idea, or to know how they do something.  Thank you for getting this started.”

“I had a very nice experience with my peers, Christine & JaiDa.  Being on-site managers we often feel like we are floating around on an island without really being in any contact with “peers” and so this is why this is a very welcome, needed change.  It is so refreshing and reassuring to find out that your peers struggle with some of the same obstacles and issues that you do.”

“I am the peer to peer mentor to our new manager, Jennifer​, from River’s Edge.  We had a very nice conversation.  I found out that she has had a lot more experience in the industry in general than I have so I think she could be a good resource for me.  On the flip side, I can be a good resource for her in regards to working at Banner as well as the TC and HUD programs. I’m sure we will communicate more than just for the assignments as we have the same Regional so we will have our annual manager meetings together.  It will be nice to put a face with a name.”

“I like to pull out the positives too!  I completely feel like I made a great friend/peer in Dena from Whisper Hollow.  We’ve talked a few times since I sent my questionnaire back to you guys.  I fell as though she’s someone I will keep in touch with and definitely a resource for workplace situations, etc.”

“I found that I had a lot more in common with my Peer than I had originally realized. I also was pleasantly surprised to have already taken something away from our first conversation that helped me at my property. I think that by putting this program together you will see a lot more comradery in the workplace and openness to discuss on property operations. I have already noticed this change in myself.”

This is all great feedback. Thanks for sharing and good luck to all as we continue this program. 

Author: Banner

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