Drum Roll Please…..

From Tina, our Compliance Director and Resident Fitness Guru:
​Hi everyone!
First let me thank each and every one of you! This has been the most successful Banner Fitness Challenge to date! Not only was this the largest number of participants, but we had people lose big percentages…during the holidays!!!
So, drum roll please….the winner of this year’s Banner Fall Fitness Challenge is…Laura Ryan!
Laura Ryan, the Regional Manager for North Carolina and Ohio, is the winner of the cash pot AND a $100 gift card for Dick’s Sporting Goods!
However, I’d like to also congratulate the three runners-up to this year’s challenge!
Ruby Lett, the Property Manager of Regency Arms; Azalea Perkins-Chriss, the Assistant Manager of Tradition; and Janai Harris, Leasing Professional at Summermill,had fabulous results as well!!
To congratulate the hard work of the three runners-up of this year’s challenge…you will also be getting a $100 gift card for Dick’s Sporting Goods!  
I was truly awed to see how incredible you ALL were with this year’s challenge! This was a very competitive group and you all were awesome!
Hope to see you all join us in the next Banner Fitness Challenge!

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