Winners of the 2015 Maintenance Challenge and Most Improved Shop!

Our dedicated Maintenance Teams worked very hard to organize and get their shops in shape according to the Banner Policy, along with keeping up with their daily duties.  This challenge took place from April through July, which we all know is a very busy time of the year. We are so very proud of all the amazing efforts that were made by your teams to get the shops functional and looking great.

Thank you to the wonderful judges: Ken Eisenbeis, Bill Nudd, Jay Pechter, and all of the HD Supply Reps.

The Maintenance Challenge was scored on two categories: best survey scores from 4/1/2015 through 7/31/2015 and best shop score based on specific categories.  The winners of the challenge will receive a full day off with pay and $150.00 gift card for each maintenance team member.

For the Most Improved Shop contest, Jay Pechter from HD Supply graciously offered to judge and sponsor. HD Supply is giving each winning maintenance team member a $150.00 gift card.  Also, due to the fact we had some very improved shops, Banner has decided to give the runner-up team each a $100.00 gift card and a lunch.

The Winners of the 2015 Maintenance Challenge are….. 

The Maintenance Team at The Greenway at Carol Stream, Illinois!

Bill Pedersen *****Jose Hernandez ***** John Nedbal ***** Ryan Jones

Greenway maint pic 1Greemway maint pic 2

The Winners of the 2015 Most Improved Shop are……

The Maintenance Team at Enclave at Winghaven at O’Fallon, Missouri!

Rob Mooney ***** Joe Piacentini ***** Chad Welch ***** Andrew Kilpatrick


Enclave 1 Enclave 2

The Runners-Up for the 2015 Most Improved Shop are….

The Maintenance Staff at Summermill at Falls River, In Raleigh, North Carolina!

Jeff Gardner***** Dante Hinton***** John McAdaragh

Summermill maint pic 1 Summermill maint pic 2

Congratulations to you all, we are so proud of you!!



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