Beautiful Art at Goodlette is Blog Worthy!

From Debbie Rahlf, our Manager at Goodlette:

Look what’s happening at Goodlette!  After years of thought, wishing and planning, we are having murals painted in our common area hallways.  Each floor has a different theme.  The 4th floor is “Under The Sea” and the 3rd floor is “Rainforest”.  Pictures are attached.

The 2nd floor will be “Garden” and the 1st floor will be “Beach”.  Those two floors are not finished, I will send pictures when they are done.

The “theme” design will help residents determine which floor they live on.  In the past, our halls all looked the same and were all the same color.  And because they are cinder block, they looked very institutional.  We started the transformation with a different color on each floor and are now adding the murals.

Take a look!  If you think this is “blog worthy”, post away!

We love it.  And by the way, our artist is from Iowa and she travels, if anyone is looking for something different for their property!

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