Congrats to our Maintenance Professionals – Top Spot in Saint Louis

Celebrating the achievements of our Maintenance Professionals!

We are so proud and happy to announce that Banner’s Maintenance Professionals SWEPT the top spots in Maintenance Mania!

What is Maintenance Mania?  Maintenance Mania® is a national program offered by NAA and presented by HD Supply, where maintenance technicians compete against each other in skill-based games.

Banner Property Management was an event sponsor and we figured very prominently in the winners list as you can see here –

And the overall winners are –     (gosh, I see Rob Mooney’s name in the list….a lot!) – ….and you’ll notice that The Maintenance Pro’s from The Enclave at Winghaven SWEPT the competition!

1st Place, Rob Mooney, Enclave/Banner

2nd Place, Alexander Riney, Enclave/Banner

3rd Place, Chris Presnell, Enclave/Banner

Individual Game Winners –

1st Place, Chris Presnell, Enclave/Banner (AO Smith Water Heater Installation)

1st Place, Rob Mooney, Enclave/Banner (CFG Faucet Installation)

1st Place, Tom Frawley, Canyon Creek, GEM (Fluidmaster Duo Flush Toilet Conversion)

1st Place, Cedric Young, Oak Park/Mill (Frigidaire Icemaker Installation)

1st Place, Rob Mooney, Enclave/Banner, (Kidde Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety Installation)

1st Place, Rob Mooney, Enclave/Banner, (Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt Test)

1st Place, Rob Mooney, Enclave/Banner, (Seasons Ceiling Fan Installation)

1st Place, Kyle Martin, Fairway, (Motorola Race Car Competition)

Congratulations to all the participants –  it’s your efforts and skills that keep our properties looking beautiful and our residents….smiling!

We are sort of in awe of you!

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That's Ken Eisenbeis in there!!
That’s Ken Eisenbeis in there!!

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