Summer of Stars

At Banner, we know it’s all about the people.

Two of our core principles are:

We know that we are actually in the “people” business.  Our employees are our most valuable assets; and 

We recognize the simple truth that people are given the chance to earn just one reputation.

We made this our summer of stars – our Training team, starring Colleen, designed and facilitated our SuperStar Contest for the office teams. The prize? A trip to Brainstorming in Puerto Rico!  The Multifamily Brainstorming Sessions are, of course, one of the premier conferences for our industry.  To find out more about Brainstorming:

The contest ran for 6 months and really demanded consistent performance, since our criteria included:

  • entrance essay
  • consistent telephone performance measured through our telephone performance program
  • consistent high performance in our secret shops program
  • conversion ratio over the period of the whole contest
  • how well the entrants were able to “shop” and evaluate the markets and communities around their own
  • submission of the marketing collateral they are presenting to guests and residents, along with explanation of the branding value
  • prospect and resident feedback that specifically mentions them in a positive way!

Voila! The winner was Patti Wisowaty – Community Manager at The Residences at Fountain Square and now, at Rosewood, after a very recent promotion.

There was definitely some fierce competition – we have a lot of tremendous people at Banner, and this contest was a great reminder of that.

Patti is in the middle below, having a great time at our most recent Banner summer outing.  Way to go, Patti, and have a great time in Puerto Rico!


And…psssttt!  Check back for more of our Maintenance Appreciation Month pictures.  We had our summer of sales stars, now we are taking time out in September to appreciate our maintenance professionals who make us look good every day and take such great care of our properties. 


Thank you to all!


Patti Having a great time


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