St. Louis Apt. Association Award Nominees Announced

Every April, the St. Louis Apartment Association hosts its Rising Star Awards. This year, Banner and its team members received 27 nominations. Wow!

This year’s ceremony will be held on April 25 – and we want to wish the following team members the best of luck:

Christy Peck Whisper Hollow, Christy Pellerito Whisper Hollow, Joe Piacentini Enclave at Winghaven, Chris Presnell Enclave at Winghaven, Mike Tracy Enclave at Winghaven, Carol Kofron Southwoods, Mary Jolley Enclave at Winghaven, Chris Ramsey Enclave at Winghaven, Dave Baker Southwoods, Devon Cummings Whisper Hollow, Dan Mueller Southwoods, Ken Eisenbeis Banner Project Management, Colleen Lerose Banner Education, Steve Matre Banner Education, Rebecca Durant Enclave at Winghaven, Katie Kuester Southwoods, Leah Rensing Whisper Hollow, Maggie Sequeira Enclave at Winghaven, MaryAnn Wallace Southwoods, Dena Payne Whisper Hollow, Gil Eike Southwoods, Rob Mooney Enclave at Winghaven, Stirling Porter Whisper Hollow, Scott Boone Banner Operations, Property of the Year nom to Whisper Hollow, Property of the Year nom to Enclave at Winghaven, Management Company of the Year nom to Banner Property Management.

**The full list is here (thanks Dena!) for Properties, Job Positions, Categories –

Banner Folks – you can access the full list to see Position Titles for our nominees.

THANK YOU to our team members who took the time to create nominations, we appreciate your fostering a terrific sense of “team!”

Good luck to all and, of course, enjoy the awards; it’s always a great evening.

Author: Banner

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