People On the Move – Cheryl Brock

Congrats to Cheryl, who is now Senior Regional Manager. 

From Cheryl: 

I accidentally discovered the world of property management in 1996. I answered an ad for a leasing consultant job with the headline “Tired of Retail?”, because I was.

I went for an interview at a beautiful property called The Greenway at Carol Stream and walked out the door knowing that was where I belonged. Although it sounded wonderful, I did not imagine that this would become my career path. Because I am a people person, organized, and competitive, I loved my leasing job. Within a few years, I was promoted to assistant manager. In 2003, the property was sold to Banner Property Management. We were all nervous as we did not know what to expect with a new company coming in, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to The Greenway, and to me professionally. By 2004, I was promoted to property manager and realized just how much I loved this industry and couldn’t picture myself doing anything else.

In 2007, I was promoted to regional manager where I was able to share my passion for property management with multiple sites. While I initially missed being on-site and the connection I had developed with my residents, I focused my energy on supporting my new “customers”, the property managers and site staff that reported to me. With this focus, I made every effort to improve operations on the properties in my portfolio, to roll up my sleeves and dig in side by side with my managers as a member of the team when necessary, and to coach and develop the members of my team. I am extremely excited and grateful for all of the opportunities that Banner has given me, including my new role as Senior Regional Manager.

Personally, I love animals, reading, golfing, games, music (if they taught in song lyrics, I would be a genius!), and am a very proud military wife.


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