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People on the Move –

Tina Pater, Community Manager at Autumn Ridge, will transition during the fall into position of Affordable Compliance Director.

From Tina –

Ten years ago (I cannot believe it’s been ten years) I answered an ad for a temp agency and inadvertently began my love affair with HUD and Property Management. My first job in the property management field was a HUD co-op on the north side of Chicago.

Next, I went to a property in Hinsdale. It was for the purpose of a better commute and I was introduced to this other program called Tax Credit. All the while, I was living at The Greenway of Carol Stream.

While signing my renewal lease, the Property Manager, Cheryl Brock, casually mentioned that she was looking for a leasing agent. Being as shy as I am, I raised my hand and shouted, “Hi there!”

So there should have ended my love affair with HUD and Tax Credit since The Greenway was a beautiful market property, but somehow Jo’Angela got wind that there was a leasing person with HUD and Tax Credit experience looking for a new job and there was a property in Carol Stream called Autumn Ridge that had both…

Jo’Angela tempted me with the position of Assistant Manager and Cheryl would tell stories of how I was stolen from her grasp; but karma worked out in the end as things shifted in the world of Banner. I was promoted to Property Manager and Cheryl was given my property when she became a Regional Manager.

Now after eight years of working on-site at Autumn Ridge, the hardest thing will be saying goodbye to my residents. While I may joke of my love affair with HUD, what I truly loved was working with the residents. The truly great thing is that the feeling is mutual. It is amazing to me the response I’ve received. From residents hugging me, to others joking about scaring away any prospective applicants, and all because they don’t want to see me go.

Now my plan, as I move into the big shoes left by our soon to be former Compliance Director, is to build that same relationship of communication and respect with the different properties that I will be working closely with…as I spread the love of Affordable Housing.

Congratulations to Tina!    and P.S., Tina loves to run…. and write….. and audit files…..  and laugh…… and keep a very busy schedule!  




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