Our Sales Pro’s Keep It Cranked Up

Teaching the National Apartment Leasing Professional Designation is such a fun experience. Facilitating two days of sales and legal training with Sales Professionals from various management companies is such a great reminder of the energized and professional sales teams that keep Banner’s properties full and Banner’s residents happy.

If they haven’t stopped to think about all the areas in which they excel, let’s take a moment to reflect:

  • Our sales teams are trained and coached on a Skills Inventory of 76 different areas. These range from big-picture topics like being assumptive in sales down to details like selling our service teams.
  • They are able to meet the challenges of today’s changing consumers including wanting more choices, more flexibility, more transparency, and a quality lifestyle at their Banner community of choice.
  • Our sales teams embrace and utilize an abundance of web technology including e-mail, lead management, automated pricing systems, on-line applications, payment portals, and more.
  • They embrace productivity and time management tools to remain efficient and timely.
  • They realize that “Nice is the new black,” providing excellent customer service.
  • They are assessed in a number of different ways including scored telephone calls, mystery shops in person and via e-mail, and more.
  • They benchmark themselves compared to the industry to ensure that we stay cutting edge.
  • They focus on conversion to appointments and leases.
  • They are able to handle residents who may not be satisfied….and turn them into our biggest advocates.
  • They build relationships.
  • They communicate eloquently using solid verbal and written skills.
  • They embrace professionalism.
  • They focus on product knowledge and curb appeal to deliver a sales presentation that is superior.
  • They study resident surveys and feedback to be sure that we are delivering what our residents really want!
  • They focus on creating memorable experiences.
  • They participate in educational opportunities about the Fair Housing Act to ensure that we are a company that abides by the law.

In a word, they do a lot!

From Banner Corporate, THANK YOU  to all of our Leasing and Office Professionals who excel every day!




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