Banner Does the Chase Corporate Challenge…..and Teeth Chatter

Wow! Windy and chilly spring night in the Windy City – but the Banner Team braved the cold to run / walk / skip the Chase Corporate Challenge.

From Chase –

Total entries for  this year’s 3.5-mile corporate team run were 25,478 participants from 669  companies. Here is some perspective on those numbers:

  • The previous  record for entries in Chicago was 23,589 participants in 2008. The new mark is  up 8-percent from that, and even a bit more compared to last year’s 23,023  entries.
  • Chicago’s 25,478  entrants tops the 24,000 that participated in the 1998 Corporate Challenge in  New York’s Central Park, making it the largest single-night Corporate Challenge  ever held in the U.S.

Tina from Autumn Ridge served as Team Captain and she did a stellar job with logistics, getting everyone together and making sure that everyone stayed well motivated.

 “I can’t tell you how proud I am of everyone who participated in Team Banner.
This was our first year and I honestly didn’t know what the response would be.
I’m happy to say that we had ten people complete the 5K! What makes this more
impressive is that for most, this was their first 5K ever! It was chilly but my
fellow Banner people made it fun and I can’t wait to do it all again next
year!” – Tina

If anyone has more photos, shoot them Steve’s way – we will get them posted!

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