Ratings Wars – Congrats to our Teams for Providing Excellent Customer Service

We are very excited for our teams at The Greenway at Carol Stream, Riachi at ONE21, and Whisper Hollow. Each of these Banner Communities received special recognition from ApartmentRatings.com:

Properties had to have at least 10 reviews on our site, with at least 5 of them in 2012.  From there, we selected the top 5% of %- recommended scores from the site.

Web ratings and reviews are very influential today. Studies show that they are the most trusted form of marketing.

We are very proud that three of our properties generated enough real “buzz” to receive this recognition.

The Greenway, Riachi, and Whisper Hollow are each excellent models of customer service, resident retention, and community building.

Each of these communities has an average work order completion at under two days.  In addition, they both host regular resident events aimed at building personal relationships and community.  At The Greenway, the team hosts monthly small holiday events, a summer party, and a gift-wrapping station for the holidays. And they recently had a function to honor a 30-year resident who was a fixture in life at the Greenway.  At Whisper Hollow, our clubhouse is a 24-7 facility so our residents can always enjoy our hospitality. In addition, Whisper Hollow sponsors sports leagues, participates in various charitable causes, and builds traditions that have lasted for years including their annual summer and holiday functions that typically have well over 150 residents in attendance. Riachi at ONE21 has monthly brunch, personalized fitness classes, and supports local first responders through their charitable causes.

In addition, our team members embrace training and show that developing themselves as true property management professionals really does pay off in the results for our management company, for our owners and investors, and absolutely for the residents who call these communities HOME!

Over the past 12 months, average occupancy at The Greenway was 95.4%; average occupancy at Whisper Hollow was 96.8%; and average occupancy at Riachi at ONE21 was 95%.

Go teams!!

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