Glen Hills Hosts a Food Drive!

We had our 2nd Annual Food Challenge at Glen Hills.

The winner of our Food Challenge was Building 6524; bringing in a total of 117 food items! They won a pizza party that GlenHills will be throwing for them in January!

Honorable mentions from the Food Challenge are:

In 2nd Place = Building 6744 with 34 items

Tied for 3rd Place are Buildings 6554 & 6716 each with 20 items

4th Place = Building 6600 with 11 items

Tied for 5th Place are Buildings 6710 & 6724 each with 6 items


A big thank you to all our terrific residents who donated food to benefit the Hunger Task Force!


Thanks to everybody’s generosity, we were able to donate 204 pounds of food this year! We hope to beat this number for next year’s Food Challenge!


Banner Property Management is proud of our teams for giving back, and helping the residents to contribute as well!


Hunger Task Force believes that every person has a right to adequate food obtained with dignity. Hunger Task Force works to prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing food to people in need today and by promoting social policies to achieve a hunger free community tomorrow.

We attack the issue of Hunger on two fronts: Advocacy and Food Banking.

Advocacy: We serve those who cannot speak up for themselves by lobbying legislators and administrators to create, support, and maintain programs that ensure people have enough food to feed themselves and their families. The Women Infants and Children (WIC) Program, FoodShare, and the School Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper Programs are examples of programs we have worked to establish and build. You can help. Click here to find out how.

Food Banking: We distribute food to our network of food pantries, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens, and we do it free of charge. We do not charge membership, service or delivery fees. These community programs are run by passionate, caring staff members and volunteers on a bare-bone budget. Charging fees would undermine the mission. If we profited from our work or were selling food, we could never fully commit ourselves to ending hunger. To learn more about how we bring food into the community click here.

  • Compassion … is why we feed the hungry
  • Justice … is why we advocate for the hungry
  • Stewardship … how we oversee what we’re given, allowing us to feed the hungry
  • Dignity … how we carry out the above

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