Heartfelt Letter from a McDowell Place Resident

Thanks to Erin, our Community Manager at McDowell Place, who shared this letter from a pleased resident.  It singles out two of our team members, which we love to see! Congrats to ALL the Banner team members who make their residents’ experiences at our properties very special.

My husband “and I” rent here…   We moved in almost four months ago and have been mostly pleased here and have gotten to know Naperville a lot more. I have wanted to write to you concerning two employees, Paulette (I hope I spell her name right) and maintenance worker Ricky. Both are good people, Paulette still knows me and my husband and asks about our daughter whenever we see her in the main office. She told me, “happy Mother’s Day” a day in advance and I was so stunned she remembered our baby. She always has a smile on her face and “is” very quick in answering questions we may have. Ricky came to our apartment about a month and a half ago twice for “service” in the guest bathroom.  ….both times, in two days, he came and was extremely patient and examined the bathroom for explanation…. he was prepared for any issues with his tools in hand. I saw him again a few days ago, I was with my daughter taking out garbage and he asked if he can take it for me ….. It was a very kind gesture on his behalf.  I am writing to you today to say you have two very awesome workers here in McDowell, Paulette and Ricky have made me personally feel “that if I “ ask for them if I am having any issues, they will respond as quickly as they can. I feel they do their jobs extremely well and deserve to get credit for it.

Author: Banner

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