June 2012 Shops are Great!!!

Whisper Hollow in Maryland Heights, Missouri are rocking with a Perfect Shop Score 100% Total and Benchmark Score!!!  The shopper said the leasing associate was very positive and welcomed me is a manner which made me feel that she cared….she skillfully learned enough about me to know which features would most interest me….she truly sold me on the community….she was professional as she attempted to close me….her presentation was extremely good….her customer service and presentation were impressive and sold it well.  The shopper said that he would have leased at Whisper Hollow!  Super job Whisper!!!

Over at Charleston Park Apartments in St. Charles, Illinois, they also Rocked Perfect Shop Scores!  100% Total Score and Benchmark Score!!!  The shopper said that the leasing associate exhibited a polite, friendly, and knowledgeable manner….she made me feel welcome…she was focused on assisting me in finding an apartment that best suited my needs….she used a variety of closing techniques….she was very genuine.  The shopper said that based on the leasing associates presentation, she would have leased an apartment at Charleston Park!!!  Wonderful Job!!!

At The Greenway at Carol Stream, Illinois, they received a Total Shop Score of 98.5% and a Benchmark Score of 100%!  The shopper said that the leasing associate was friendly, organized, and focused….she was very thorough and informative…. after the phone presentation, I was excited to visit the community and see what it offered…she made a very positive impression on me.  The shopper said she would have leased at The Greenway!!! Great Job Greenway!!!

Southwoods Apartments in St. Louis, Missouri received a Total Score of 93% and a Benchmark of 100%!!!  The shopper said that the leasing agent has a very good attitude….she was professional and made every effort to make me welcome….she showed pride in her property….she made me feel comfortable and I felt that if I lived here my housing needs would be taken care of very well….she showed the apartment well and sold the amenities.  The shopper said he would have leased at Southwoods Apartments!  Nice Job!!!

At the Meadows in Lenexa, Kansas they received a Total Score of 92.5% and a Benchmark of 100%!!!  The shopper said that the leasing associate on the tour was very sincere, professional, and soft spoken….she was very interested in my needs and made me feel comfortable….she asked the right questions to find the perfect apartment for my needs…. She asked for the deposit with confidence…. It was a pleasure meeting her.  I felt that The Meadows was a place I could call home based on the fact the leasing associate made me feel welcomed!  Good job Meadows!!!

Pine Crossing Apartments in Columbus,Ohio received a Total Score of 91% and a Benchmark of 90%!!!! The shopper said the leasing agent was very upbeat, and perky….she was very polite, knowledgeable, well spoken, and liked was she was doing….On the phone, she created excitement about the community and the features and motivated me to visit…she was very knowledgeable and professional….she created urgency about availability, which helped make me feel that the community was a good place to live!!!  Nice!

Autumn Ridge Apartments in Carol Stream, Illinois received a Total Score of 90% and a Benchmark Score of 100%!!!!  The shopper said the leasing associate’s overall attitude and impression was good….she was friendly, knowledgeable and informative….she made me feel welcomed as soon as I walked in the door, to the time I left….she did real good at demonstrating the things she knew were important to me.  The shopper said that she was motivated to lease based on the leasing associate’s presentation!!! Great!

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