Our “Green” Efforts Continue….

In March of 2012, Banner Property Management, in partnership with Solar Service Inc., installed one of the largest multi-family housing PV solar arrays in Illinois.  The system is installed on Banner’s Residences at Fountain Square Apartments, located in Waukegan, Illinois.  The system is comprised of 117 Sharp 240 Watt solar modules and three SMA-8000 inverters.  The power from the 28 kilowatt array will generate approximately 31,000 kilowatt hours per year of total electricity  (on average), enough to power 3 to 4 homes.

The PV system is wired directly to Fountain Square’s main electrical distribution center, and delivers power to the offices and all common areas including the recreation room, laundry facilities, and hallway lighting.  Any excess solar electricity will be fed back into the utility grid whenever available, delivering green power to other Illinois customers.  This array provides the local environment with an estimated annual CO2 reduction of 22 tons, the equivalent of planting over 11 acres of trees and eliminating an estimated 130 pounds of Nitric Oxide and 330 pounds of acid-rain forming sulfites each year of its operations.

See more detailed information and live stats on energy production at live.deckmonitoring.com/ .


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