Spring Into Action!

Spring shops are coming in strong!

Let’s start with the Enclave – 100% benchmark, 91.5% total, solid shop!  Shopper said that our associates…..were eager to help and friendly…..lead the tour with a lot of energy….easy to talk to and asked questions to build rapport…..good urgency….pointed out all the highlights of the property….pointed out all the unique features….good closing techniques….congrats!!

And on to Park Shore with 100% benchmark and 95% total – great!  Shopper said that our associate….was a very positive person….was very friendly….could tell she loved her job (of course!)….knowledgeable about the community and the surrounding area….great tour guide….nice and pleasant over the phone….got to know my needs….while we walked to and from the apartment, we talked about the maintenance team (great!)….took her time in each room and had something positive to say in every room.

Congrats to Regency with a 100% benchmark and 96% total – nice!!  Shopper said that our associate was….  upbeat and professional…started her close while we were still viewing the apartment….gave me good information on the application process…pleasant and easy to communicate with….positive and professional….let me know that the maintenance team was on the ball (love it!)….responded promptly to any issues….had a good conversation…referred to the rooms as “mine” – good assumptive close!!……and said the visit was very memorable simply because our team member was so nice!  Love it!!!

McDowell Place comes in with 100% benchmark and 97.5% total – excellent!  Shopper said that our associate was….wonderful from greeting to closing!….pleasant and friendly…explained all leasing and application guidelines, asked for the deposit and the application….took the time to listen to my needs and tailored the tour to those needs (love that!) ….detailed demonstration….warm and sincere…remembered the call and had notes available (good!)…nice job!

Don’t forget The Meadows with 90% benchmark and 91% total – yippee!  Shopper said that our associate….was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the community….aimed to please….was looking out for my needs…very friendly and nice person to get to know….had three apartments picked out before I came that she thought would be perfect….asked good questions throughout the tour in each room….thank you, nice shop.

Great job River’s Edge – with 90% benchmark and 91% total – terrific!  Shopper said that our associate…..seemed eager to assist and had current, accurate information….carried on friendly conversation….easily built rapport and when I had a question she could not answer, she made sure to find the most accurate information for me….strong closing…carried on friendly conversation about the surrounding area…nice shop!

Author: Banner

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