Here Comes 2011 – Let’s Do Some Kudos!

Glen Hills starts us off with benchmark 100% and total score of 94%.  Way to go!  Shopper said that our associate’s attitude was professional and friendly…..told me about the community activities for the residents….invited me to return for another visit….made me feel welcome….warm personality.  We love it!

Next up is Rosewood with 100% benchmark and total score of 91%.  Shopper that our associate was upbeat, energetic, and professional….seemed genuinely interested in finding an apartment that was good for me…urgency (last two bedroom available)….spoke positively about the community as well as Banner!  Yippee!

And off to Breckenridge, Perfect!  100% benchmark, 100% total!  Nice!!  Shopper said that our associate was very friendly and personable…..bubbly and excited…..asked how I liked the apartment and used assumptive phrases….knowledgeable about the community and made sure any questions I had were answered….no weak points!!    Very nicely done!

Good job Westview with 100% benchmark and 90% total! Nice!  Shopper said our associate…..was very personable….retained my information and was prepared for our visit and tour….was attentive….used several closing techniques….noted I would want to leave a deposit soon (great!!)….enthusiastic about the property…had  a great ability to listen….no weak points.  Congrats and thank you!!

On to the Greenway with 100% benchmark and 93% total, we love that!  Shopper said that our associate(s) …. had a very upbeat attitude…did a great job of showing and making me feel at ease…closed without being pushy….was incredibly friendly….made sure to point out what I thought was important….very nice job Greenway team!!

And we’re off to River’s Edge with 90% benchmark and 92.5% total.  Very solid!  Telephone call was perfect! So enthusiastic.  Our shopper noted that…. was warmly greeted at the leasing center….interested in all of my needs, answered all of my questions…..stressed that there was only one apartment available and created urgency (yeah!)….gave benefits of the community before giving price….offered to tour / set an appointment even with no availability (awesome!) …. talked about applying now and getting on waiting list….friendly and talkative….100% on closing!  Love it, nice work!

Whisper Hollow comes in with 90% benchmark and 93% total, Congratulations!  The shopper said that our associate was…..welcoming and talkative…enthusiastic about the community…..asked me to fill out an application and return to the community to take another look….no weaknesses!!!  …. talked about Banner and about the strengths of the maintenance team (they lease you!)….  greeted right away….stood and smiled and asked me to sit down to discuss the apartments….created rapport easily…was enthusiastic about me joining the community.  Great job.

Loving Charleston Park with a 100% benchmark and 97% total score, congrats!  Shopper said that our associate….answered the telephone very cheerfully ….  let me know she had the perfect apartment to offer me….discussed the area and conveniences…made sure to point out how sunny and spacious the apartment was….   terrific shop!

Author: Banner

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